︎Publication, sculpture, documentation


︎Hardcover book; 336 pages
︎︎︎BFA 2021 Thesis Show

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At the end of the semester, I installed all of my collections. For the first time, all of my collected belongings are existing in the same physical space.

Miscellanea visualizes my memories and experiences as they are preserved through collection. Over the course of my BFA thesis semester, I experimented with collage, poetry, sculpture and thrifting to build a comprehensive body of work surrounding storytelling, arrangement and interaction. These themes then became the structure for my thesis book. The book not only housed documentation for my process, but also is an index or a catalogue. It is a way to remix and reference the information presented within itself. The stories that I heard and told were not linear, but fragments of a larger narrative. Through Miscellanea, I captured a moment in time, immortalizing how I connect with my belongings and how others do the same.

Below are individual pieces from my collections and explorations.